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Graphic for the digital download of Holm/Mirland’s new “In My Mind” track. The colors and mood should reflect our live performances - and they’re pretty colorful - and this almost hypnotic feel of the repetetive beat and chanting vocal.
Made with Processing. I’m currently creating quite a lot of these small animations for use at the first Holm/Mirland live concert. I’m composing a 35 minute video projection backdrop made from lots of these animations and recorded video material. Lots of fun!
Cover design for the upcoming Holm/Mirland mini album “Europa Machine”. 
Actually this was just a loose idea I threw together after having made a series of tight, harsh graphic designs. The first Holm/Mirland ep “Digitalt Format” was very much typical industrial graphic design. I intentionally wanted this to be different from the typical industrial visuals - more dreamy and open instead of aggressive and introvert.
I chose to leave the design and photo in it’s initial state instead of manipulating the photo into perfection only adding the logo and the font-face. 

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