Gusten: Debut album out on 30 April

Promo video clip for “High Horse”


Artist: Gusten
Title: Gusten
Format: Limited edition CD, digital download, streaming
UPC: 195999363905
Release date: May 7
Preorder opens: April 2
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Promo video:

About Gusten

You may know them from their solo careers under different monikers as respectively Leaether Strip, Klutae, Mirland and M73 and lots more. 

You may know them as the synth duo Am Tierpark or industrial/power noise duo Mirland/Larsen. 

Claus Larsen has been a much beloved godfather of the industrial ebm scene for more than 30 years and Mirland a composer and producer for a wide range of bands for a decade. 

But did you know that Claus was a teenage punk? That Mirland got into metal in the mid eighties? 

What if we told you that after Mirland bought his first guitar in the summer of 2020 the two friends formed a punk rock band late in the fall of 2020, recorded 15 (fifteen!) tracks in 30 days and are now releasing their debut album as Gusten?

Well, now you know!

Prepare yourself for 15 primitive and dirty high octane punk rock attacks clocking in at a total of 33 minutes. 

Prepare yourself for Gusten!

Portrait photo of Claus Larsen and Mirland of Gusten.